by Caelestis

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"Spyglass", the new 2014 song by Caelestis was created together with French black/death act Archenterum.

Caelestis is:
Cataldo Cappiello: Guitars, programming, songwriting
Vera Clinco: Vocals
Piero Avitabile: Keyboard
Fabiana Figurati: Bass

Official Website: www.caelestismusic.com
Bandcamp: caelestis.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/caelestisofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/CaelestisMusic
Email: caelestismusic@hotmail.it

Official Website: www.archenterum.com
Bandcamp: archenterum.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/ARCHENTERUM/101692716540258?ref=ts&fref=ts
Email: archenterum@firefly-metal.com


Dal circuito scarlatto
Del mio occhio elettrico,
Dal mio piccolo anfratto
Pira alle nubi, icarico
Corro in un cielo terso
Barlume policentrico
Fino al nucleo dell'universo.

Spyglass (x5)
I've been searching by
The deepest skies
Since the first day of my time...
I gave names to suns
Fell in love with Mars
But still I wonder why!
I wonder why...

Mon âme dans une glace
(I want to forget about the stones and mirrors!)
Pourquoi je n'ai pas compris, d'abord!
(I am shooting angels with my retina bow!)

Heliocardio errabondo
La mia iride sente
Che il mio oblò sul mondo
All'infinito radente
Non può (It cannot)
Squarciare (tear apart)
Il velo (Maya's veil)
Aptero d'una lente
Che cerco
Da sempre
Su ogni pianeta esistente.

I find the brightest star:
Enlight my dark!
Holy beams burn my eyes:
I fall down!

Lo vedo, è là!
(I get up from the ground for the first time!)
Il mio telescopio...
Con esso scrutavo il vuoto e il buio e ormai...
(my quest has come to an end!)
...giace in pezzi al suolo.
(Infinite was not the truth!)

E solo ora
Intorno a me
Vivono i colori che
Respirano d'eterno.

Ero nel mondo e non lo sapevo:
Perciò andavo in ricerca del mondo
Inseguivo il ritmo della notte
E adesso io son la musica del giorno.


released August 24, 2014
Ronin Agency: www.roninagency.it
Underground Metal Alliance: www.undergroundmetalalliance.com

Thanks to:
-Luca Cappiello (Puppet Crafting)
-Enzo Mainardi (White Screen and Location):
-Francesco Cappiello, Syhm Burger (Cinematographers, Camera Operators)
-Fade In Studio (Production, Mixing, Mastering):
-Carlo Cimmino (Make Up and Costumes)



all rights reserved


Caelestis Napoli, Italy

For Buddhism the Blue Lotus represents the universe and the soul's pureness and that's why it is considered a sacred flower. We believe that a pure and bright music with its positive vibes has the power to reconnect man to nature and in this idea we find the essence of our art. ... more

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